Earth Keepers Connect

Need solutions to your problems in health, food, farming, environment, sustainability, fundamental rights & governance? Join our community Earth Keepers Connect at Via our webpage join your Telegram City group. Join your State group as well to interact will people there. Join EKC India too! And watch our video Making New Earth toContinue reading “Earth Keepers Connect”

How to Stop 5G & HAARP Damage?

How to stop 5G & HAARP damage – A discussion at 6pm today 15 Mar’22 on Earth Keepers Connect Click the ‘Join’ button at 6pm on top bar in the Telegram group To prepare yourself for this discussion: 1) Watch the video Making New Earth from 1hr 12mins to 1hr 20mins 2) ReadContinue reading “How to Stop 5G & HAARP Damage?”

Give Your Ideas On Making New Earth

Good Morning 🙏🏽🌸 Today onward, every evening from 6pm-8pm we will have a Group Chat to discuss how we can implement solutions to our problems in health, food, farming, environment, sustainability & circular green economy. So if you would like to participate, please join our group to put forward your questions or to provideContinue reading “Give Your Ideas On Making New Earth”

Use Integrative Natural Medicine

If you are a doctor, healer, therapist, counsellor, natural medicine practitioner or just interested in using natural medicine & therapies for your own health, please watch this video from 1hr 43 mins onward This video is also on Bitchute It explains the future of medicine and healthcare, and how to nominate experienced peopleContinue reading “Use Integrative Natural Medicine”

Making New Earth

Watch this shocking video on how ‘The Apocalypse’ that we are living through now, was made over the last 200 years It’s time to understand that ‘The Apocalypse’ is The End of all old and damaging ways and The Beginning of a new and beautiful way of living on this Earth. Earth Keepers areContinue reading “Making New Earth”

Invite to Form Your State Committees

If you are a healer, therapist, doctor, natural medicine practitioner or just interested in Integrative Natural Medicine, please attend the following Zoom Meeting. Topic: Meeting to nominate experienced people to the Integrative Natural Medicine Committee of your State, so they can take up the work of good healthcare for the people in your state. PleaseContinue reading “Invite to Form Your State Committees”

Integrative Natural Medicine Model Webinar

Watch this insightful video on the future of Natural Medicine by Darryl D’Souza  1) The Integrative Natural Medicine Model – Diagnosing & Treating Mind, Body & Spirit.   2) Setting up Integrative Natural Medicine & Education Centers in your Village / Town / City.   3) Setting up the Integrative Natural Medicine Committee in your State.   YouContinue reading “Integrative Natural Medicine Model Webinar”

Webinar on Integrative Natural Medicine Model

If you’re a healer, therapist, doctor, natural medicine or therapy practitioner, or just genuinely interested in healing of mind, body & spirit, please attend the following webinar to understand the future of medicine. Free Zoom Meeting – Integrative Natural Medicine Model Presentation Time: Dec 22, 2021, 6pm-8pm, IST Schedule: 6pm to 7pm – Presentation byContinue reading “Webinar on Integrative Natural Medicine Model”