Join The People’s Committees

You are cordially invited to attend the People’s Committees Meetings daily on Zoom at 7pm. 1) To discuss the problems and solutions in the areas of health, food, farming, environment, sustainability, power, education, waste management, pollution, coastal damage, town planning, local jobs, roads safety, education, arts culture, animal welfare, etc. as detailed below. 2) To interact withContinue reading “Join The People’s Committees”

Help Your People’s Committees

No one is coming to save us. We have to save ourselves. If you’ve objected enough to the authorities over the last 2 yrs and realize that its been quite useless, now what do you do? They are advancing, because we are not organized. So get organized and do useful work that secures your future. BeContinue reading “Help Your People’s Committees”

The Real Anthony Fauci Movie

The Real Anthony FauciA two part movie that exposes the fake science of Virology, the fake Pandemics of the past & present, their killer vaccines, all facilitated over the last 35 years by the biggest medical criminal and his partner in crime Bill Gates. Free viewing for the next 3 days After you submitContinue reading “The Real Anthony Fauci Movie”

Join the People’s Committees to Solve Your Problems

Want to help solve your problems in health, food, farming, environment & local economy? Then watch the video Making New Earth that explains the cause of our problems and their solutions. Next watch the committee meeting videos that you’re interested in (listed below). And finally join the People’s Committees group and introduce yourself and let usContinue reading “Join the People’s Committees to Solve Your Problems”

Please attend The People’s Committee Meetings

Earth Keepers Connect invites you to… The People’s Committee Meetings daily on Zoom at 7pm.  The committees are being set up to solve our common problems in health, food, farming, environment, sustainability & circular green economy. It is we the people who have to decide what is good for us and nominate competent domain expertsContinue reading “Please attend The People’s Committee Meetings”

Earth Keepers Meet – Committee Formation

Welcome to our Sunday meetings of healers, naturalists, organic farmers, earth keepers & Awake Goans! 🙋🏻‍♂️🌴🥗🍹🌎🙏🏽💖 Sunday 9th October at build3 in Candolim (address below) from 4pm to 7pm. Starting with a round of introductions. Followed by the latest update on our project Making New Earth and the upcoming New Earth Summit in Goa. FollowedContinue reading “Earth Keepers Meet – Committee Formation”

Our Communities in Goa

Good Morning Here are some of our amazing groups in Goa. Feel free to join the groups that serve your interest Healing in Goa for doctors, healers, therapists and people seeking remedies for their health issues Vegans in Goa for people who are compassionate towards animals and advocate a plant based diet Organic Home FarmingContinue reading “Our Communities in Goa”

Join the Earth Keepers Meet in Goa

Welcome to an Earth Keepers Meet this Sunday 4 Sep at Saraya in Sangolda, from 4pm to 7pm, to help create the biggest event of the year in Goa! 🥗🙋🏻‍♂️🌴🌎💖🙏🏽 The New Earth Summit – India’s 4th Integrative Summit on solutions to our problems in health, food, farming, environment & circular green economy. A massive 1Continue reading “Join the Earth Keepers Meet in Goa”