Darryl on Life, Afterlife, Sickness & Healing

Seema Alimchand interviews Darryl D’Souza on some very intriguing topics: Life Origins,Earth Food,Get Younger,No Botox, Only Detox,Out Of Body Astral Travel,Souls In Queue to Experience Todays World,Shamanic Ayahuasca,Plant Medicine Journeys,More Sickness, More Medicine, More Sales,Collaborative Holistic Community andMaking New Earth https://youtu.be/NcEk8kv3yPM For more on Darryl D’Souza’s work, please visit http://www.darryldsouza.com

Healthy Food For A Healthy Life

Online Zoom WebinarFree Registration To lead a healthy life without medicine. If only our food becomes medicine. For a more detailed exposition of the rules of healthy eating and leading a healthy and happy life, join us in this webinar on Food & Health. 31st July 2021 (Saturday) 5 pm – 6 pmđź“Ś Webinar #4Continue reading “Healthy Food For A Healthy Life”

Darryl D’Souza’s message at 3rd World Parliament on Spirituality

Please click this link or the picture above to listen to Darryl D’Souza’s message at The 3rd World Parliament on Spirituality on Dharma & The Earth Keepers. To receive notifications of his upcoming videos on life lessons, self-mastery, karma, spirituality, the afterlife, the divine symbiosis of soil, plant, animal, human & earth biology, the stateContinue reading “Darryl D’Souza’s message at 3rd World Parliament on Spirituality”

Forcing Vaccinations is Illegal – Part I & Part II

Please click this link to watch Part I of Forcing Vaccinations is Illegal Please click this link to watch Part II of Forcing Vaccinations is Illegal Part I – Hosted by Umendra Dutt, NISA (Natural Immunization Support Alliance)Keynote Speakers: Adv Nilesh Ojha LLB, BE, MumbaiNational President,Indian Bar Association Yohan Tengra, MumbaiFounder, Anarchy for Freedom, IndiaChiefContinue reading “Forcing Vaccinations is Illegal – Part I & Part II”

Darryl D’Souza on Yoga for Health and Happiness

Ubantu Foundation’s National Webinar ‘Yoga for Health & Happiness’ on International Yoga Day at 4pm on 21st June, 2021 Chairperson: Shri Sudhir Mahajan IAS (Retd.), Chief Executive, National Cooperative Union of India, Delhi Guest of Honour: Shri Rakesh Sengar, Executive Director, Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation, Delhi Speaker: Shri Darryl D’Souza, Therapist, Founder, Earth Keepers Connect,Continue reading “Darryl D’Souza on Yoga for Health and Happiness”

Become Healthy or Extinct!

High immunity is the only thing that can save us now, so it is important to understand what choices destroy our immunity and what choices build immunity. Most people in the world do not have even 25% of their immunity available, to maintain good health, high energy levels and to fight the usual microscopic parasitesContinue reading “Become Healthy or Extinct!”

Pandemic Recovery Plan

The Pandemic Recovery Plan Is this Pandemic a Global Health Scam for Big Pharma profits and more, or a War on The World III and when will it end? Join members of Awaken Goa https://awakenindiamovement.com discussing the various instruments being used to propagate this Scamdemic and help the Awaken India Movement put a stop toContinue reading “Pandemic Recovery Plan”

Making New Earth in Goa

Making New Earth in Goa A presentation by Darryl D’Souza https://darryldsouza.com/news on what is emerging in Goa now, to bring forth a new way of thinking and living that works for the people and this beautiful planet.  His 1 hr presentation will be followed by invitations to the audience on collaborating to manifest an eco-friendly,Continue reading “Making New Earth in Goa”