CMSE in Goa – 16th Aug’14

CMSE 2014 (Continued Medico-Spiritual Education) – GOA, India

on 16 & 17 Aug, 2014 from 10am – 6pm at The Calangute Senior citizen’s Hall

Welcome to The World United – Doctors’ & Healers’ Association (TWUDHA)’s CMSE – 2104 Conference on the Wellness of Mind, Body & Spirit

This conference is dedicated to TWUDHA’s vision of devising a holistic model of healthcare that merges the wisdom of conventional healthcare, complimentary medicine, and the ancient healing sciences, with an effort to transform existing health practices to include all aspects of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Our distinguished speakers of this conference will deliver their talks as per the following program schedule:

Day 1 – Pre Lunch Session:

  • Tai Chi for Wellbeing
  • The Process of Recovering from Mental Illness
  • Curing Chronic Illnesses without Medicines

Day 1 – Post Lunch Session:

Panel Discussions : The TWUDHA Integrated Model of Healthcare

  • Veganism Heals the World
  • Live Happy > Live Clean > Live Healthy
  • Access Consciousness – Are your bars running?
  • Body Detoxification Therapy

5pm Movie Screening: Food Matters

Day 2 – Pre Lunch Session:

  • Acupressure for Diagnosis & Healing
  • Pranic Healing
  • Natural Farming – The Seeds of Good Health
  • Yoga – The way to a Healthy Life
  • Emotional Freedom Technique for Addictions

Day 2 – Post Lunch Session:

Panel Discussions: Implementing the Integrated Model of Healthcare in Wellness Centers in Goa.

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming for Wellbeing
  • The Complimentary approach to Cancer
  • Heal through Aromatherapy
  • Hypnotherapy for Wellbeing

5pm Movie Screening: Vegan World

The Entry Fee for this event, which is from 10am to 6pm on 16th & 17th Aug’14 at The Senior Citizen’s Hall in Calangute, Porbavaddo, Opp. Hotel Palmarinha, next to Cattle Pound, is Rs.300/- per person. It includes morning & evening refreshments and veg lunch.

For further details, please email or call 9821758877.

You can book your tickets online at You could also pick up tickets from the desk at the venue, anytime between 10am to 5pm on all days except Sundays, or call 8552960697 to request for a ticket delivery at home.

We eagerly look forward to your participation. Thank You!



The following are the list of speakers who have confirmed their participation. Confirmation is awaited from some more eminent personalities.

Darpan Kaur is a Reiki Master, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Angel Card Reader and Spiritual Artist. Believer of all things Metaphysical, she talks about the science behind spirituality and how it fits seamlessly into everyday Life. Her core philosophy is that we are the creators of our own universe. We are the manifestors of our reality. To change anything outside we need to look within and as we change, the world around us changes. Hear Darpan Kaur speaking on Healing with Reiki @

Prateeksha Hansadhwani is a recovery consultant in Mental Illness. She has been working in research in social psychology for nearly a decade now with publications in many Indian and international journal. Trained to be a classical musician she also brings in perspectives from various social sciences into study and analysis of human suffering, which becomes ‘mental illness’ in a large number of cases. She is the founding head of 2 organizations, one of which is a research organization. As part of the other organization she is creating a team of people to work in helping people live happier lives, by working at multiple levels within the spectrum of mental health. Prateeksha’s services are offered to individuals, families, organizations and institutions. She will be offering services in music wellness and therapy as well in the near future. Prateeksha Hansadhwani spoke on The Process of Recovering from Mental Illness.

Darryl D’Souza is an Industrial Engineer by profession, who quit Engineering after 17 years, to don his avatar of Therapist that actually took 22 years in the making. His story is an amazing saga going from wellness to severe sickness over a period of 14 years, which almost ended his life in 2004, and then returning back to wellness within just 1 year by using natural therapies. He has been teaching about health, nutrition and curing chronic illnesses through natural therapies since 2005. Out of his long journey and teaching experience came his book on health, nutrition and curing disease, in 2011, that has found readership in over 50 countries! Darryl teaches how to achieve radical turnarounds in health through his book and his health workshops in various cities. He is now in the process of setting up a wellness center in Goa, through which he will be conducting several disease-reversal programs.
Hear Darryl D’Souza speaking on Curing Chronic Illnesses without Medicines @ at and and on Body Detoxification Therapy @ and and on Acupressure for Diagnosis & Healing @ and

Abhay Rangan is the founder of Vegania (the first and only online vegan nation), that is governed by an independent body called the Council of Massively Influential Vegans (COMIV). COMIV honors vegans who have done a great deal of work for animal welfare either on health, environmental or ethical fronts, by asking them to be members. Abhay is also the author of the book ‘The Green Monk’, and is possibly the youngest published vegan author in the world. He founded Vegania with a burning desire to do something for animals on a worldwide scale. He is inspired by the amazing work of many vegans (many of whom are in COMIV). He keeps himself busy with speaking at different Vegan meets, as well as in other public forums, all with an effort to boost the Veganism movement worldwide. Hear Abhay Rangan speaking on Veganism Heals The World @

Kashmira Elavia is an Access Bars Facilitator and has been practicing the tools of Access Consciousness since the past 2 years. She is also a Certified Angel Card reader and an Angel and Crystal Therapist. It’s in the past 5 years that she has developed her psychic abilities and is now comfortable with acknowledging the Power that she is blessed with. Prior to this she was in the Customer Service industry and has worked with call-centers of Banks (J P Morgan Chase, and Standard Chartered Bank), 3G Australia, ICICI First Source, Insurance sector and the advertising industry. Throughout her corporate career she has been applauded for her outstanding Customer Service and sales track record. While interacting with people the one thing that always fascinated her was a feeling of doing something Above and Beyond the Call of Duty for the Customer. She is now going places, taking her tools of ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS to reach more and more people and spread awareness about this phenomenal transformation modality. Hear Kashmira Elavia speaking on Access Consciousness – Are your Bars running? @ and

Felly Gomes is the director of India Social Responsibility Vision, which is a Non-Profit Social Enterprise. The purpose of this organization is to implement Social Business Models in society that deliver socio-economic and environmental objectives. Felly comes from a varied background of Arts, Yoga, Meditation and he has also been a well-known photo journalist of Goa who was active in citizen journalism. His prime objective in life is to spread happiness through all the activities and projects that he participates in. Felly is current involved in social projects such as ‘Live Clean’, ‘Live Organic’, ‘Live Green’, and his very popular in Goa ‘Live Happy Sessions’ that is a mix of dance, yoga & meditation. People from all walks of life enjoy these sessions that help them not only get healthier, but happier as well. Hear Felly Gomes speaking on Live Happy > Live Clean > Live Healthy @

Komal Paroolkar works as an Assistant Professor in Applied Mathematics in Padre Conceicao College of Engineering, Verna – Goa. Komal graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Chowgule College, Madgao and thereafter went on to do her post-graduation in Pure Mathematics from the Goa University. Her continued interest in complementary medicine is due to her being an atopic from the age of two. She has been practicing Basic Pranic Healing, Advanced Pranic Healing and Pranic psychotherapy techniques on friends, family and on herself for over 3 years with good results. Hear Komal Paroolkar speaking on Pranic Healing @ and

Miguel Braganza was a former officer in the Goa Directorate of Agriculture who is now an ardent promoter of organic agriculture, especially among the youth through workshops, seminars, hands-on training and exhibitions. He has also written or edited about two dozen books on plants and farming. Hear Miguel Braganza speaking on Organic Farming – The Seeds of Good Health @

Emma Tyson a qualified Lawyer, Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Healer & Therapist. She has taught Yoga for 26 years initiated a Sannyasi by Sw Satyananda Saraswati (Bihar School of Yoga), Guided by her Guru, she lived for 7 years in a Spiritual Healing Centre/Ashram in the UK, where she trained and worked. She qualified and is a Senior Practitioner with the British Register of Complementary Medicine as a Healer/Counselor and is also a recognized Yoga Teacher, Dance & Movement, Massage & Crystal Healing Therapist. She is a Full Healer Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. She then had her own practice as a Healer, Yoga and Holistic Therapist. She also taught Community Groups. In 2003 she settled in Goa later establishing a Yoga & Healing Centre. Hear Emma Tyson speaking on Yoga – The way to a Healthy Life @ and

Sabari Chakraborty is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Past Life Regression Therapist (trained & certified by Dr. Brian Weiss, USA) and a Life Between Lives Regression Therapist (trained & certified by the Michael Newton Institute, USA). Sabari works with the subconscious mind to heal emotional, mental or physical imbalances, from the root, facilitating healing from deep inside the psyche. She uses Inner Child Therapy, EFT, Usui Reiki & Access Consciousness Body Processes as well. Sabari’s integrated healing techniques have helped many people in India and from around the world. After facilitating more than 1200 Past Life Regression sessions and countless Hypnotherapy sessions, Sabari feels that true healing happens when the mind, body and soul are in harmony. After living in Bombay for 22 years, Sabari has shifted to Goa in April 2014, and now calls this beautiful place home. Hear Sabari Chakraborty speaking on Emotional Freedom Technique for Addictions @ and on Hypnotherapy for Wellbeing @ and

Charles Saldanha has been involved with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Internationally, for almost 25 years and heads up as founder, trainer and organiser. provides NLP training at all levels, throughout India and is the founder of the Indian Professional Association of Neuro-Linguisitc Programming – IPANLP. Charles vision is for Indians to set the bench mark in NLP Education and Application that the rest of the world can only aspire to. Thus the courses are not for everyone, they are designed for those who demonstrate a genuine passion for true NLP. Charles has been taught by the originators of NLP and regularly brings some of the best trainers in the world to India so that Indians can benefit from their experience in their own country. In recognition he has recently been made a regional co-director in India for the Association of IEMT Practitioners (Integral Eye Movement Therapy). Charles is resident in Goa and carries out all his operations from here.
Hear Charles Saldanha speaking on Neuro Linguistic Programming for Wellbeing @

Dr. Evelet Sequeira MD, is a Licensed and Certified Heal Your Life ® Workshop Leader and Coach (Hay House – USA) based on the Louise Hay Philosophy to conduct Transformation workshops globally, a Gestalt Therapist and teaches Mindfulness based stress management. She is trained in the use of Creative arts based therapy. She is a Public Health developmental professional with an MD in Preventive & Social Medicine from Seth G.S Medical College and KEM Hospital, Mumbai. She has a career spanning 15 years in this sector and has worked with UN agencies, government departments, professional bodies, academic institutions and NGOs. She conducts support groups for Cancer survivors in a Hospital in Mumbai using complementary approaches to cancer healing and survival. This has been her dream since the day her mother succumbed to Cancer in 2000. Her vision is to heal this planet by healing every soul she meets. Hear Dr.Evelet Sequeira speaking on The Complimentary approach to Cancer @ and

Aljai Singh studied in a boarding school in the Himalayas, thereafter running away from home at the age of 16 to travel extensively across India, working in television programming, multi-media art and NGOs. She actively pursued the search, both within, inspired by her own traumatic childhood and sometimes by her grandfather and his art, and later, with her mother with books and participation in workshops, and without, as an adult with tools such as meditation, psychedelics, transcendental experiences and with artists and light workers and other magical people. Having sampled and dabbled in many healing modalities such as Reiki, Vedic Healing, Cosmic Healing, NLP, as well as her own explorations in channeled information, it was only in 2006 when a friend loaned her Eric Pearl’s book “Reconnective Healing – Heal Others Heal Yourself’ did she finally find resonance to her core beliefs and choose a modality to practice seriously. She now lives and practices in Goa full time and is planning to have a proper clinic in North Goa in a couple of months. Hear Aljai Singh speaking on Reconnective Healing @

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