Global Peace Summit – 21st Sep’17

Welcome to The Global Peace Summit being hosted by the Global Peace & Prosperity Initiative on 21st Sep, International Peace Day.

Date & Time: 21st Sep’17, 5pm to 8pm

Venue: Junction 36 Banquet Hall, Main Rohtak Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, India

Celebrating Peace Summits in all the Nations of the Earth.

The ‘Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative’ was first launched at the 2nd World Parliament on Spirituality in Nov’16 in Utah, Salt Lake City, USA, by the Women’s Information Network ( an organization with its presence in all 196 nations.

Its mission is to move people from poverty to prosperity and to increase the level of love and peace on Earth. The initiative is unique because it comes with a Prosperity and Peace Master Action Plan (MAP) that will be implemented by Peace & Prosperity Ambassadors in 196 nations, who will collaborate with thousands of individuals and organizations to hold Global Prosperity and Peace Summits.

The Peace MAP has its foundation in the ‘Total Life Excellence’ program by Dr.Paula Fellingham that includes Peace & Prosperity courses, self-development courses, value lessons, peace building activities for families, curriculum to help reduce conflict in workplaces, courses on how to start and grow businesses and uplifting literature, art, and music from different cultures. All this content will be available on mobile devices through the social network of the Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative.

Highlights of this Peace Summit in Delhi:

  1. Inauguration Ceremony
  2. Peace Dance
  3. The Global Peace & Prosperity Initiative by Darryl D’Souza, NPA, GPPI, India
  4. Peace Dialogues by: Shaun Parry, National Peace Ambassador, GPPI, USA, Dr.Binny Sareen, Regional Director, GPPI, India, Lt. Gen. Amit Sarin, Delhi Director, Rani Wilfred, Founder of Women Wonderful, Brahma Kumari Pushpa Bhen, Senior Rajyoga Teacher
  1. Peace Meditation
  2. Peace Pledge
  3. Interactions with Peace Ambassadors

To learn more about this initiative and how you can get involved for the benefit of your community and country, please attend this summit and also visit

This is a Free Event and open to All.

Thank You

Brahma Kumari Binny Sareen, Regional Director, India, GPPI
Darryl D’Souza, National Peace Ambassador, India, GPPI

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