The New Earth Summit

The New Earth Summit on Health, Food & Environment is Darryl’s most important event of 2019 that is happening on 8th, 9th & 10th Nov’19 at Panjim Convention Center, Panjim, Goa, India.

The mission of this landmark summit happening for the 1st time in India, is to create awareness about the root causes of problems in healthcare, food supply, living spaces and our environment, and to showcase unique solutions that have been implemented in some places in Goa and around the world, by experts, so that they can be implemented all across the land. To also facilitate the creation of an eco-friendly, self-sustaining and diverse local economy model for the state of Goa that can set an example for others across the world and thereby contribute to the creation of New Earth.

Please click on the image below for a video invite from Darryl D’Souza to THE NEW EARTH SUMMIT

It’s a great opportunity for you to meet and network with like-minded people in the fields of wellness of mind, body & spirit, healthy food, natural farming, environment, renewable energy, permaculture, sustainable living, local economy building, eco-friendly business, climate change, veganism, education, art, music, dance, song, poetry, culture and spirituality.

If you can’t attend the summit in person, but would like to receive video recordings of all the 30 speaker presentations as well as the 12 artist performances in your email, please support The New Earth Summit happen annually by donating Rs.1000 or more via our web page that has all the summit details as well.

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