Speaking at Vitality Hours

Greetings !!

On 8th Feb at 3pm I will be speaking at Vitality Hours at DLF Magnolias in Gurgaon on Reversing Illnesses with Nutrition and Reverse Aging.

Will also share some profound insights into what is blocking your nutrient uptake and about healing foods as well as how much raw food can a person actually have. So do come and make the most of it. Here is my video invite :))  https://youtu.be/huft_S2kRm4

Vitality Hours is a 2 day event (8th & 9th Feb) and the venue is open to all, but to attend speaker sessions & workshops there is a single day cover charge of Rs.2000 or Rs.3000 for both days where you get full access to all sessions as detailed in the image below. Please call 9811000996 to register for the sessions..

Let your friends & family in Delhi / Gurgaon know about it too!

I may plan to do my full day health workshop in Delhi on 15th Feb. So if you’re interested in attending it, please let me know. I will send you the detailed invite. Its details are on this page www.becomehealthyorextinct.com/therapy

Thanks & God Bless!

Darryl D’Souza

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