Online Workshop On Fixing Your Health, Food & Immunity

As part of our Consciousness Lab, Come and Join us online on Zoom ID: 898557742 or click at the following times to attend the workshop.

The workshop will be on Saturday 4 April
12 pm Lebanon Time
14:30 pm Indian Time
9 am GMT

Serene Abouljebine will be speaking to Darryl D’Souza about his take on Fixing the mistakes we make with our Food choices and other Unhealthy choices and their impact on our Immunity – Greatly needed these days!

His work on health, nutrition and metaphysics of the human body, further ties into Spirituality, Gaia and The Shift in Consciousness that is happening on our planet. You will find this connect in his spiritual website From The Alpha to The Omega

For more information please visit his website:


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