Global Goans Helping Goa


There is a new group on Facebook called Global Goans Helping Goa It is for Goans who are living outside Goa that are concerned about how Goa is being destroyed by corrupt and manipulative people in so many ways and they want to help those of us living in Goa who are trying to make Goa a clean, healthy, eco-friendly, traditional, artistic, cultural, self-sufficient, local economy that is ethically governed.

In this group we will be asking Goans across the Globe for help through references, contacts, resources, ideas & technology sharing, people support groups, project funding, event funding, funding for legal proceedings against wrongdoers in Goa and also funding for social services in the area of health, food, farming & environment, education and arts & culture in Goa.

We who live in Goa are fighting so many corrupt forces here that are dominating and destroying Goa and trying to make it just another concrete jungle where corruption, drugs, prostitution, land grabbing, environmental destruction and other evils flourish. We will not allow this to happen anymore, so we are doing our best and ask the help of Goans across the world to save what is left of Goa. We strive to make Goa a beautiful, yet modern and orderly place, hopefully a place that Goans overseas may like to return to one fine day.

The posts in this group will be authentic calls for help only from people living in Goa and they will be things that all who live outside Goa can help with. We won’t bother you with anything else. All posts will be checked for authenticity before approval by our Group Admins & Moderators who are people who have a clean track record and have already been helping Goa in many ways for at least a decade, so you know they have credibility and do the right work. This will not be a Goa News Flash or Goa Politics group. There are 100 other groups for them already.

Our last event in Goa is here please have a look at it. It is India’s 1st Integrative Summit on Solutions to our Problems in Health, Food, Farming & Environment. We not only do events that impact Goa, but also create benchmarks for the nation and the world. Our previous benchmark events were the Continued Medico-Spiritual Education Conferences in 2014 & 2015 in Goa and 2017 in Pune.

This group has high caliber individuals who are abreast with world events and views and have deep knowledge that they are using now to facilitate the Goa Pandemic Recovery Plan. Please read through our page here you will learn a lot for your own safety and the future of your family and friends.

So kindly join this group through this link and be part of our People Helping People movement for Goa.

And please share this message with Goans living Everywhere!

Dev Borem Korum

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