Healthy Food & Healthy Farming

Healthy Food & Healthy Farming – Recordings of The New Earth Summit 2020
We hope the insights from the webinars below enable you to take a quantum leap in your health and also support a healthy food supply chain, healthy soil, water & environment. Please share this post widely so that more people join the movement for a healthier life & environment.
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Healthy Food for a Healthy LifePanelists – Darryl D’Souza | Dr. Reema Arora | Siddharth Shukla | Dr. Shikha Agarwal
Growing Food at HomePanelists – Peter Singh | Clea Chandmal | Sandra Fernandes
Farming Problems and SolutionsPanelists – Irfhan Shaikh | Miguel Braganza | Mervin Fernandes
Organic Farming Initiative by the State of GoaPanelists – Kamal Sen | Nestor Rangel | Miguel Braganza
Cleaning our Toxic Food Supply ChainPanelists – Vinod Kumari | Darryl D’Souza | Bhagyashree Shaikh
Plant Food choices for people, animals or the planet?Panelists – Nandini Gulati | Aditya Harmalkar | Shankar Narayan
Are Seasonal and Local Foods enough?Panelists – Nestor Rangel | Darryl D’Souza | Peter Fernandes
The Need for Local Seed BanksPanelists – Jay Sutaria | Peter Fernandes | Bhagyashree Shaikh
Involving Youth in Agriculture and Value AdditionPanelists – Liza Pinheiro | Miguel Braganza | Dr. Jennifer Lewis
Community Markets offering Healthy OptionsPanelists – Irfhan Shaikh | Darryl D’Souza | Meenu Nageshwaran
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Thank You!
The New Earth Summit Team

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