Sustainable Eco Village in Goa

Earth Keepers Goa has embarked upon the creation of a sustainable eco village in Goa, as part of the next steps of The New Earth Summit that has been showcasing innovative solutions to our common problems in health, food, farming and environment. Please visit our summit website to watch our amazing videos of these solutions presented by experts.

We are presently looking for an experienced chief architect / urban planner who can team up with us to understand our project designs and thereafter, create the Detailed Project Report (DPR) to facilitate the engagement of various resources needed to implement this project over an expanse of 500 acres or more. Please call me on 9821758877 if you would like to recommend someone for this job. Thanks!

Also, feel free to call me if you are a skilled natural homes architect or an experienced engineer or an expert in natural farming or permaculture or a natural medicine expert or a landscape architect or have any specific skill that can build this eco village, and you wish to be part of the team building this village, and you are willing to relocate to the project site permanently to make it your home. Thanks!

Darryl D’Souza
Earth Keepers Connect


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