Pandemic Recovery Plan

The Pandemic Recovery Plan

Is this Pandemic a Global Health Scam for Big Pharma profits and more, or a War on The World III and when will it end?

Join members of Awaken Goa discussing the various instruments being used to propagate this Scamdemic and help the Awaken India Movement put a stop to it in India.

An integral part of recovery from this Pandemic is how we should now rebuild our health systems, food security system and develop a decentralized eco friendly, local business model that provides jobs and products and services to the people with the least carbon footprint.

This will be the 2nd part of the discussion delving into a large eco community project in Goa. Here are some insights.

Date & Time: Sat, 3rd Apr’21, 5pm to 7pm

Place: Pachamama Cafe, Pernem Road, Arambol, Goa, 1 km before Samata Retreat Center. Google Map

This is a Free Event. Snacks, beverages, dinner will be available during / after the meet.

Darryl D’Souza

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