Become Healthy or Extinct!

High immunity is the only thing that will save you now from viruses, bacteria, fungus, gut parasites, and the internal body inflammation caused by 5G and HAARP radiation fields around us, which are producing different Covid like symptoms. So it is important to understand which daily choices destroy our immunity and which choices build immunity. People do not have even 25% of their immunity available to maintain good health, high energy levels and high immunity, because their immune systems are engaged just managing the following bad choices.

1. Processed foods containing synthetic man made preservatives, coloring agents, tasting agents and the worst of all, stabilizers (chemicals that prevent cross reactions between other chemicals and food). Such food remains stable only in air tight containers, but when we open them up and eat them; their free radicals begin atomic warfare inside our mouths, throats, stomach, intestine, and colon, robbing electrons from our cells, thereby causing inflammation, ulceration, tumors and finally cancer. As their toxic ingredients get absorbed by our intestines, they make our blood toxic and sicken its purifying organs like the liver, lungs, kidneys and skin. It could take up to 20% of the human immune system resources through homeostatic processes, to counter this activity on a daily basis.

Therefore, give up all such foods and eat fresh, local, seasonal, plant wholefoods, grown on well mineralized organic soils. If you can’t buy them, grow your own or ask your friends who have land to grow them for you. When plant foods or herbs are grown on soils with unnatural chemical fertilizers and pesticides, they not only damage your body, but the plants also do not develop the nutritive value that will keep you healthy, and herbal medicines or nutritional supplements or essential oils made from them do not heal the human body.

2. Using body products, cleaning agents and domestic detergents that contain unnatural chemicals. Their chemicals go through the pores of our skin and finally reach the bloodstream and then our lungs, liver, kidneys, skin and the immune system get engaged in eliminating their toxins, which could be another 10% of your immune system getting engaged up to counter this activity on a daily basis. Therefore, use only natural herbal products from sources that you trust for all these needs.

3. Allopathic medicines for chronic illnesses such as high bp, low bp, diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid, arthritis, fatty liver, acidity, constipation, migraine, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, asthma, sinusitis, heart disease, kidney disease, lung disease, hormonal imbalance, fibroids, infertility, etc., only manage the symptoms of these sicknesses, but they do not cure them. These medicines instead engage the immune system in fighting their side effects and they even cause organ weakness and organ failure in the long run. That is why many of them have been banned over the years. It could take up to 20% of your human immune system resources to counter the side effects of allopathic medicines on a daily basis. The reason we had comorbid people (people on 2-3 or more allopathic medicines for the above chronic illness) dying the most during the Pandemic, was because they developed compromised immune systems due to the use of these medications.

Therefore, learn how to reverse all such chronic illnesses with natural medicine techniques such as yoga, pranayama, mudras, healthy diet, nutritional supplements, organ detox therapy, exercise, ayurveda, unani medicine, siddha medicine, sowa rigpa, traditional herbal remedies, acupressure, acupuncture, homeopathy, essential oil therapy, bach flower remedies, breathwork, bodywork, cranio-sacral therapy, sound therapy, emotional freedom technique, and energy medicine techniques such as reiki, pranic healing and crystal healing.

Millions of responsible people across the globe have been doing this since the last 20 years and they are leading medicine free lives! That means, they are no longer the classic co-morbid patients with low immunity who have been dying across the globe due to the Pandemic. 

4. Surrounding ourselves chronically with electromagnetic fields, via the excessive use of laptops, mobile phones, and wireless and blue tooth networks damage the human body energy fields originating from the chakras within our body. When these energy fields get damaged, their associated organs get weaker and they begin to malfunction. There have been viral epidemics across this planet at each instance of increased electrification of the Biosphere of the Earth, right from the time of the radio and then onto Satellite TV, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and now the much more harmful 5G radiations that are causing a very serious degree of lung inflammation, blood clotting and viral 7-14 days body detox that many people across the world cannot survive now.

The expulsion of viral protein matter from the human body is not something new. Ever since the first living organism on this planet went through a sickness and repair cycle, viral protein called Exosomes or Viruses have been shed from the body as a natural byproduct of the repair cycle, just like how you have a dried scab fall off a wound on your foot after its healing is complete.

Therefore, we should roll back to 3G networks, which cause where the towers are much farther apart and so they cause us much lesser damage, and also because it catered to our internet needs completely. We should also replace all wireless and blue tooth networks in our homes with cabled internet and give up using mobile phones all the time, and instead use a cabled IP phone with apps like Skype or GTalk to make audio / video calls to people across the globe. These kinds of EMF damages could take up to 20% of the human energy flow and immune system resources to counter its activity on a daily basis.

The 5G towers on the ground and satellites around the Earth electrifying its biosphere and damaging the magnetic fields of the planet, are also part of the electromagnetic damage that not only all humans beings are receiving, but also plants and animals and birds that are dropping dead from the sky.

The HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) installations across the world are huge mazes of 180 or more high-powered radio frequency transmitter antennas meant for ionospheric research. Their radiations can cross 1000 kms in all directions, and they operate across the same 1.5 MHz – 9.5 MHz frequency range of the cellular structures of human body causing it inflammation and sickness. Scientists across the world blame these machines for not only causing unprecedented weather changes, but also producing Covid like symptoms in people. Scientific enquiry committees need to be set up by human rights organizations to investigate these installations and shut them down for their detrimental effects on the human body and the environment.

5. Over stressing about what’s going on in the world now can reduce your immunity by another 10%. So instead of worrying about it too much, take the proactive steps advised above and below as well. Resolve any relationship problems that you may have. Try to work online from home or make products at home for sale or deliver online services to keep your income flowing. Meditate daily to reduce stress and find your purpose in life. Decide on what natural business or service you want to offer a greener world that is now emerging.

If you’ve been doing the math so far, you would have realized that 80% of your body immunity is just engaged in fighting the bad effects on your body & mind of the above bad choices. So with your balance 20% immunity, do you think you have a chance of surviving the worst Pandemic this world has ever experienced? If not, then please correct all the above bad practices and do the following good practices every day.

Things that will improve your immunity and strength and energy and longevity:

1. Have dinner latest by 8pm, so you can go to bed by 10 pm, so you can wake up without an alarm at 6am when all of nature wakes up too. Match circadian rhythms with nature for optimal health.

2. At 7am do the following exercise for increasing lung strength and heart strength and the amount of oxygen in each drop of your blood. If you have a cough or cold, this exercise will make it disappear within 5-7 days, if you do it twice a day

Do 10-15 chest pushups against the edge of a table / bed / veranda railing. Next, sit down on a chair and keeping your eyes closed, do 20 in and out breaths, only through your nose, with good force and full lung capacity. Next, keeping your eyes still closed; roll a spiked acupressure ball in both hands, especially over the points for liver and lungs and thymus for 1 minute. If you don’t have the ball, use a foot roller, or see an acupressure hand chart and press these points with the pointed tip of your thumb or index finger. Do two more sets of these 3 steps. After a week, if it makes you feel more energized, you can increase the count of pushups or breaths. Avoid this exercise if you experience breathlessness or your oxygen saturation level on the Oximeter is below 92% or if you’re a heart patient.

If your oxygen level dips below 95% take deep breaths through the nose only and breathe out through the mouth only with rounded lips like you are blowing with pressure into a balloon. A few breaths will bring up the oxygen levels.

Do a full body workout for 15-20 mins after this, exercising your chest, stomach, hips, arms, legs, calf muscles, etc., for good heart health, blood flow and overall fitness. Suryanamaskar is a good exercise.

3. At 7:30 am have a sun bath for 20 mins on the back side of your body, standing up, bare feet, with minimal clothing. After 20 mins turn around and have the sun rays fall on the front of your body. You may do sun gazing, tai chi or chakra meditation during this time. Then come indoors, lie down on your back with eyes closed for 20 mins if you did sun gazing and relax. The Sun Yoga technique is detailed in the ‘Sun Yoga’ chapter of the book at Then have a tulsi / lemongrass / ginger tea / traditional kawah and have a bath if you feel like it.

4. Walk bare feet on the Earth to get its negative ions into your body and bloodstream because they reduce internal inflammation and increase body immunity. Or have your breakfast and evening tea on a table in your garden and keep your bare feet on the Earth for 20 mins each time.

5. Have a good quantity of 1 seasonal fruit for breakfast. Keep changing the fruit daily or after 3 days at least. If you feel hungry after an hour or more, have a small breakfast of a whole millet grain with a cooked vegetable (always soak the millets overnight in water and throw that water out, then cook).

6. 1 ½ hr before lunch have a 200 ml green smoothie which could be a blend of cucumber / tomato / carrot / capsicum / avocado / leaves of mint / parsley / curry leaves / celery / spinach / bak choy / coriander. For tasting you can use rock salt / ginger / clove / organic jaggery. Avoid this green smoothie if you have IBS or are underweight. For lunch you could have semi polished rice with a curry and cooked vegetables. ½ hr after lunch have a probiotic.

7. Have a tulsi / ginger / lemongrass / traditional kawah tea in the evening with a handful of nuts. You may repeat the morning lungs exercise if you like before the tea.

8. Have a light dinner. If you suffer from insomnia, don’t have a raw salad or raw vegetable smoothie for dinner.

9. Avoid animal’s milk and all their products like cheese, paneer, ice cream, softies, smoothie, cheesecake, curd, lassi, milk sweets, chocolates, biscuits containing milk solids, pizzas with cheese, etc., because they cause chronic cough and cold, sinusitis, tendency towards asthma, pneumonia and bronchitis, acidity, arthritis, obesity, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, pcod, fibroids, bulky uterus, infertility, cataract, glaucoma and more. Have nut milks instead and cheeses and cakes and ice creams can be made from them as well.

10. Do not have cold drinks, sour foods, foods that have too much vinegar and sour pickles, as they cause coughs and colds and sicken the lungs. Avoid air conditioned draft on your face and chest when sleeping at night.

11. Do not have soft drinks and do not eat things that have refined sugar in them. Keep fried food to the minimum. Bake, boil, roast or steam food instead. Do not eat food that has been cooked or warmed in a microwave.

12. When in a public place, do not touch your face or allow anyone else to touch it. Step away from someone who is sneezing. Wash your hands with soap when you come home or when you reach your workplace after travel.

13. If you experience throat irritation or cough or cold or lung congestion, apply a drop of AXE Oil under your nostrils every 3-4 hours. Have 10 tulsi extract concentrate drops first thing in the morning and last thing before sleeping at night. Do a steam inhalation with eucalyptus / tulsi oil if it makes your breathing feel better. Do warm sea salt water gargling before going to bed at night.

14. Do herbal cleanses for the kidney, liver, stomach, intestine and colon, because they knock out the toxins and rejuvenate these organs to give you better immune function and health and a younger look as well. These cleanses are detailed in the ‘Cleanse Therapy’ chapter of the book at

15. Have a herbal multivitamin, or natural zinc, vitamin C, iodine, magnesium or vitamin D or vitamin B12 supplements if your levels are low.

16. If you have symptoms of dry cough, fever, sore throat, body ache, fatigue or dysentery, self-quarantine and get good rest. Follow the sound advice of medical experts and take 12mg Ivermectin first thing in the morning with water for 5 days in a row right from the first day of symptoms. If you feel excessively fatigued during the day, drink a glass of Electral (electrolytes) or have tender coconut water. If your symptoms get worse and your oxygen saturation level on the Oximeter dips below 90% visit a doctor or hospital for chest X Ray / CT Scan / Medical Treatment. 

By Darryl D’Souza
Author of the book ‘Become Healthy or Extinct’


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