Webinar on Integrative Natural Medicine Model

If you’re a healer, therapist, doctor, natural medicine or therapy practitioner, or just genuinely interested in healing of mind, body & spirit, please attend the following webinar to understand the future of medicine.

Free Zoom Meeting – Integrative Natural Medicine Model Presentation

Time: Dec 22, 2021, 6pm-8pm, IST


6pm to 7pm – Presentation by Darryl D’Souza www.darryldsouza.com on:

1) The Integrative Natural Medicine Model – Diagnosing & Treating Mind, Body & Spirit.
2) Setting up Integrative Natural Medicine & Education Centers in your Village / Town / City.
3) Setting up the Integrative Natural Medicine Committee in your State.

7pm to 8pm – Questions & Answers with the Audience

Kindly watch these 2 videos before attending this Zoom Meeting to get the best of it.

1) Amazing Learnings from The New Earth Summit https://youtu.be/bBIj4Df_NSg
2) Next Steps in Implementing The Solutions for a New Earth  https://youtu.be/HwlIxiHmmXw

Zoom Meeting Join Link

Meeting ID: 829 4628 0413

Passcode: 361148

Thank You 🙏🏽🌸

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