Please attend The People’s Committee Meetings

Earth Keepers Connect invites you to…

The People’s Committee Meetings daily on Zoom at 7pm. 
The committees are being set up to solve our common problems in health, food, farming, environment, sustainability & circular green economy. It is we the people who have to decide what is good for us and nominate competent domain experts in our states to solve the problems.

Therefore, requesting everyone to attend the meetings and present the various problems you are facing, because they aren’t going to be solved without your participation. 
Please watch the video Making New Earth completely to understand our complicated problems and their simple solutions.

The design of the committees, their functioning, selection criteria of committee members, and how the people can nominate them are explained at 2 hrs 8 mins. 
Meeting Times: Daily @ 7pm from 12th Oct’22 to 30th Oct’22, India Time. 
Zoom Meetings Join Link: 
Meeting ID: 867 6546 2972 
Passcode: 786739 
The committee meeting dates are given below, so please attend the ones you are interested in. 
Thank You! 
Darryl D’Souza, Earth Keepers Connect 
Live Daily @ 7pm 
Oct 12 – Integrative Medicine and Health Committee 
Oct 13 – Natural Food and Farming Committee 
Oct 14 – Natural Homes and Architecture Committee 
Oct 15 – Water Conservation and Management Committee 
Oct 16 – Dry Waste Management Committee 
Oct 17 – Oceans, Coasts and Marine Life Committee 
Oct 18 – Biodiversity Committee 
Oct 19 – Environmental Pollution Committee 
Oct 20 – Roads and Transport Committee 
Oct 21 – Electricity Generation & Transmission Committee 
Oct 22 – Town Planning Committee 
Oct 23 – Green Energy Committee 
Oct 24 – Telecommunications & Internet Committee  
Oct 25 – Science and Technology Committee 
Oct 26 – Holistic Education Committee  
Oct 27 – Arts and Culture Committee  
Oct 28 – Local Jobs and Green Businesses Committee 
Oct 29 – Youth Welfare Committee 
Oct 30 – Senior Citizens Welfare Committee


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