Health & Wellness Webinar

Health & Wellness Webinar Today 14th May. 4pm to 5pm

COVID-19 and the resulting lockdown had upended the world order. People are anxious and worried about their family’s health and well-being both in the short and long term. While health and safety is, rightly, the top priority to fight COVID-19, we also need to safeguard our economic well-being. Fundamental questions people are asking are:

* What opportunities for health and wellness do we see arising out of this crisis?
* What health and wellness business models need to and can emerge in a world of reduced tourism to boost Goa’s economy?
* How can we strengthen public and private health partnership to improve health and wellness outcomes?
* How can we better regulate alternative health providers while encouraging innovation and competition?

Join our esteemed panelists Gajanan Nagarsekar, Dr. Akhil Lawande, Asha Arondekar, Darryl D’Souza and Roy Tellis representing private and public health, health tech, alternative health, and health and wellness retail in an engaging conversation on Thursday May 14, 2020 from 4 pm to 5 pm to find answers to the above questions and more.

The webinar will be moderated by Dr. Kuheli Bhattacharya. The panel discussion will be followed by Q&A with the audience where you will have an opportunity to ask questions from our panelists.

Signup for the webinar at:

About our panelists and moderator:

Dr. Kuheli Bhattacharya is a leading ophthalmologist practicing in Panjim. She has trained and practiced in leading national and international hospitals – KEM Hospital Mumbai, Goa Medical College, Aravind Eye Hospital Madurai and New York Eye and Ear hospital.

Gajanan Nagarsekar is the Founder & CEO of Kallows – an innovative mobile health tech. enterprise. Mr. Nagarsekar holds dual master’s degrees (M. Tech. in Biomedical & MSEE). He is a research scholar with domain expertise in MRI and design of products & services for teleECG. He has worked with luminaries: GE Medical Systems /Wipro, UCSD, and University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.

Darryl D’Souza is a Therapist and Alchemist and past Secretary of The World United – Doctors’ & Healers’ Association. Darryl is also an organic farmer, an environmentalist, a TEDx speaker, founder of Earth Keepers Connect, curator and convener of India’s benchmark Continued Medico-Spiritual Education Conferences, curator and convener of The New Earth Summit and a speaker at The World Parliaments on Spirituality.

Asha Arondekar is an active member of the GCCI retail committee and was the EC membcer of GSIA for 2017-2019. She was the 1st Lady President of BNI – Aparant, Goa. She started the Orchid Awards recognizing top women achievers of Goa in 2011 and has been running it successfully for 9 years. She is a spiritual person actively practicing the Art of Living.

Dr. Akhil Lawande is a renowned and third generation gynaecologist practicing as a consultant at Dr. Lawande’s Hospital and Medical Research Centre. He completed his MBBS from Goa Medical College in 2007, MS (OBS & GYN) from Pune in 2012 and fellowship in gynec endoscopy, robotic surgery and gynec oncology from Galaxy Laparoscopy Institute in Pune.

Roy Tellis is an Internationally Certified Alcohol Drug and Gambling Therapist. A Mumbaikar by birth, he returned to India to introduce alcohol and addiction recovery to his motherland, after living and working in New York since 1996 as an Alcoholism and Addiction Counsellor and Director of 3 rehab centres. To say his life story is inspirational would be an understatement.


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