Help Rebuild Goa’s Living Ecosystems

Namaste 🙏🏼 Yesterday was World Environment Day 🌎
Can you make a commitment towards a healthy, eco-friendly, self-sustained and diverse local economy model for the state of Goa? If you can and also have the courage to act on your commitment, then please read on…
The pandemic has made something very clear to everyone – a decentralized self-sufficient village / state model can serve its people in a much better way than a centralized system where everything can collapse if any of the interlinking chains get contaminated or fail for some reason.
Since the time we left our health in the hands of others (people who we did not know or could not trust), they manipulated our medicine systems making us addicts of allopathic pills that till date do not cure any chronic illness and in the process brought us to the state where all these illnesses are happening at younger ages and cancer is a common occurrence and people’s immunity is so low, that even a non-living virus, can shut us all down completely. Now the only way out is to take care of our own health with our proven ancient and local natural medicine systems.
Since the time we left our food making to others (people who we did not know or could not trust), they manipulated our food for higher monetary gains, which has completely contaminated our food supply chain with toxins that are now causing widespread sicknesses, and in the process they destroyed our food as well as the land and water that made our food. Now the only way out is to make our own food or buy it from people we know who have not contaminated it.
Since the time we allowed our permanent valuable assets to be managed by others (people who we did not know or could not trust) they kept representing our assets by equivalent paper money. Thereafter, even though the assets did not increase, they printed false paper money and are circulating it amongst us. Now we don’t know when this fake money system that is not backed by real assets will collapse.
In fact, many knowledgeable people across the world are saying it has already collapsed in the background and the current man made Pandemic is just a front face to bring economies to a halt, so that they match the real bottom value of the economies. When we restart at whatever level, everyone will blame it on the pandemic and not the real scoundrels who made our fake paper money systems. Reports explain that huge organizations like Amazon and Reliance India are running on loans whose interest itself they are having a hard time paying. What about returning the loans themselves? Not possible.
Now our only way out is to have real assets…. land is the most important. For if you have land, you can have your own home on it, make your own food on it and dig a well and have your own water and free sunlight and fresh air of which you can also produce power, so then you can have your basic needs met and your health as well intact.
At Earth Keepers Goa a branch of Earth Keepers Connect ( we were seeing the collapse of our health systems, our food systems, our environmental systems and our money systems over the last decade and started to work in small ways to prevent it. In Nov’19 we launched India’s 1st Integrative Summit for Solutions to our Problems in Health, Food, Farming & Environment. Please have a look at its videos here You may find some of your favourite Goans in them, who have been working hard for many years on the ground for the betterment of Goa.
The biggest renewable asset on a land is trees, because trees can make your home and another 1000 articles of daily use and it can make all your food too and your tree bank can have a real book value that can be represented as some common local currency. Call it Stones for now. It does not have to be physical, even a common community register will do. 100 stones will get you 1 hr of a health treatment and with that the health practitioner can get 2 bags of organic rice or a 100 other things that community members produce.
Yes, Gold & Silver are global assets, so they are safe. But they are not renewable like tress and they are limited. So are metals and many other real assets. Cryptocurrencies! Do you know and trust the people who have created them and are they based on real assets? Or are they also inflated by agents in between according to some fake ‘market forces’ of supply and demand like how our current global currencies are traded.
Though you can make a metal chair that will last 500 years, in comparison you can make a wooden chair of a tree that will last 100 yrs only. But on the land you can grow another tree in a 100 years, close to where you cut the 1st tree to make your next chair that will last for another 100 years and so on for another 300 yrs, so they are comparable. Metal corrodes so that metal chair will disintegrate within 500 years, but your tree chair model can last forever.
The point now is, shift to real assets. Our future has to be decentralized, because thieves and scoundrels have centralized everything and corrupted it all and now they want to set up a One World Government to tie up our arms and legs and force feed us their fake and toxic commodities in all forms, telling us that this is the only way to live now. It is we the people, who have lived earlier, all the good things in life… and they have not faded from our memories! Dare these people assume us to be idiots! We will re-construct the future we want to live.
So become self-sufficient and that will enable you to break away from all external manipulative agencies and unknown market forces. Goa has enough talent to do it and so does every state in India. The Government of India will also surely have lesser work if all states within it become self-reliant. Some states have more of something and less of something, so they can always barter and settle things. Yes, the Indian rupee can also have an exchange rate with the stone, so interstate trading of goods and services from Goa can happen.
These are some basics if we want a better future that is in our hands. If you would like to work with us on actions for our common future, by building local integrated systems by the people and for the people please join our whatsapp group EKG Community (Earth Keepers Goa Community) by clicking this link
In that group we discuss about the components that make up a healthy, eco-friendly, self-sustained and diverse local economy model for the state of Goa. Some of its components were already presented last year in November at The New Earth Summit.
So in that group we welcome more topics that will help establish this model. We are also looking to present new topics through experienced speakers for this year’s summit in Nov’20. Our webinars on these topics will begin from the 1st week of July. They will be live streamed globally.
If you want to be part of this ongoing project, please join the group and make all your comments there. Please do not discuss them in this group as it may not be the place for it. Thank You!
If you think that such things are idealistic and cannot be done, please look at Damanhur on They are self-sufficient with jobs and incomes and education and arts & culture too. It is one of the most beautiful and innovative and creative places in the world. They even have their own currency that is at par with the Euro and they are a 40 year old community.
Yes, all things can be done in a closed community, but most of them can also be done in an open state like Goa.
So Power to the People it is once again ✊🏻 the outsourcing model has failed.
Earth Keepers Goa
If you are participating in this project, please forward this message to your friends and family who live in Goa and also to Goans who live out of Goa so they can help us all in some way or the other. Thank You!

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